And the (Battle of Harlaw) winner was......

12 Jul 2011

'Battle of Harlaw' Song Writing Competition

The winning song was "Carrion Craw" (words) by Tom Clelland. This was described by the judges as having "strong dramatic lyric, good original melody, great connection with the battle of Harlaw, and original take, contemporary and retreat march feel, well crafted, great use of Scots, the song takes you on a journey somewhere".

There were eight entries. The judges gave a "special mention" to "Harlaw Rant" (words) by Eric White and "The Mothers Regret" (words) by Pauline Cordiner.


'Battle of Harlaw' Song Writing Competition

The Battle of Harlaw
24 July 1411

To mark the 600-year anniversary of the Battle of Harlaw of 1411, one of the bloodiest battles of the medieval period in Scotland, Scottish Culture and Traditions Association (SC&T) organised a song writing competition.

The winner was awarded a cash prize plus the opportunity to perform the song at the concert on 9 June 2011 in the Town and County Hall of Aberdeen Town House, organised by the Elphinstone Institute.