Battle of Harlaw - SC&T Songwriting Competition!

22 Mar 2011

‘Battle of Harlaw’ Song Writing Competition

The Battle of Harlaw
24 July 1411

As I cam by the Garioch land an doun by Netherha
There were fifty thoosan Hielan men a-marching tae Harlaw
And sing diddy-aye-o sing fal-the-doh sing diddy-aye-o-aye-ay

From the ballad as sung by Jeannie Robertson

To mark the 600-year anniversary of the Battle of Harlaw of 1411, one of the bloodiest battles of the medieval period in Scotland, Scottish Culture and Traditions Association (SC&T) is organising a song writing competition.

The winner will be awarded a cash prize plus the opportunity to perform the song or have it performed by others at a concert on 9 June 2011 in the Town and County Hall of Aberdeen Town House, organised by the Elphinstone Institute.

Prize: £200
Closing date: 9 May 2011

Find out more about the Battle of Harlaw on Historic Scotland's website here>.


Please read the competitions rules carefully:

    1. Anyone may enter the competition.
    2. Each song submitted must be the contestant's own original work and must not infringe any copyrights or any other rights of any third parties.
    3. A song may have co-writers.
    4. The song must have been written within the past twelve months and have not previously been placed first, second or third in any competition.
    5. Entries must be submitted as mp3 files on a CD, or a memory stick, or as a file attached to an email.
    6. Please submit your entry to SC&T at the address below and mark it ‘Harlaw Song Writing Competition’.
    7. The words of the song, as an MS Word file, must be included, together with your name, full postal address, contact telephone number and an email address.
    8. It is the entrant’s responsibility to check that all recordings and files are playing correctly before submitting his/her work. Faulty non-playing recordings will be void.
    9. No changes may be made to song entries after submission.
    10. Contestants may enter a maximum of two songs.
    11. Songs will be judged on the basis of composition, lyrics, melody, and originality. The quality of performance, vocals and production will not be a consideration.  
    12. The song should reflect in some way the Battle of Harlaw.
    13. The song can be set to an original tune or to a traditional air adapted to suit.
    14. Entry in the SC&T Song Writing Competition constitutes permission to use the winner’s names, recordings, etc., for promotional purposes for SC&T.
    15. All entrants will retain their full ownership and all copyrights to all songs submitted.
    16. The decisions of the SC&T judges will be final in all matters relating to the competition.
    17. All entries must be received by 5.00 pm on the 9 May 2011. Late entries will not be accepted.

To print out a copy of the rules click here. You can also email the SC&T Office with your name and postal address to have a copy posted out to you.