Button Box and Moothies Festival 2015

01 Nov 2015

Button Boxes and Moothies festival is next weekend in Aberdeen – 6-8 November.

This is run by the Elphinstone Institute of Aberdeen University and SC&T is one of the sponsors.

 Full programme details

It’s a celebration of instruments of the free reed family – button accordions, melodeons, concertinas, mouth organs, and Jew’s harps.

There are some wonderful concerts, great ceilidhs, and lots of workshops, including mixed instruments and taster sessions.

The artists are top of their game – Alistair Anderson, Wendy Stewart, Mary MacNamara, Will Pound, Harry Scurfield, John Spiers, Norman Mackay, Breanndán Ó Beaglaoich, etc. etc.

It’s based in the Blue Lamp, the MacRobert Building of Aberdeen University, and the Dunbar Hall.

There’s dancing to the Ness Melodeon Band from the Isle of Lewis – a great band rarely heard on the mainland.

An Irish Tea Party with Jerry O’Reilly features music, song and dance.

There’s Mostly Melodeons and Mostly Moothies conversations and some great sessions.

It’s the only festival of its kind and it doesn’t happen every year.

Do come and you’ll get a great welcome!