Calum Stewart (Scottish flute) and Heikki Bourgault (Breton guitar) to play Aberdeen Folk Club

17 Jul 2013

North-of Scotland flute player Calum Stewart, with Breton guitar player Heikki Bourgault,will be appearing at Aberdeen Folk Club on Wednesday 17th July.

The venue is the function-room of  “The Blue Lamp” pub at 121 Gallowgate, Aberdeen, commencing at 8.30pm.

Tickets will be on sale at the door, and will be £8.00 for non-club members, and £6.00 for club-members.

Some reviews  :

“This is captivating music from two young masters”.

Alex Monaghan, “Irish Music Magazine”

“Highly recommended for lovers of folk music and for music lovers generally”.

Robert Bigio, “Flute - The Journal of the British Flute Society”

“Calum's mastery of the Wooden Flute and Heikki's mastery of the “dadgad”-tuned Guitar, refreshingly infuses new life into an instrumental genre, embodied in this beautifully detailed and balanced sequence of melodies and dance music”.

Yann Bertrand, “Musique Bretonne” magazine

“Virtuoso musicians, Scottish flutist Calum Stewart and guitarist Heikki Bourgault of Brittany, here combine their very considerable musical talents and their quest for perfection, to entrance us with new music, as yet unpublished”.

“Forces Paralleles” magazine

On “Youtube” :

Calum plays “Tullochgorum” :

Live, Lorient Festival, Brittany2011

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