Christmas end of term concert

08 Dec 2009

The SC&T end of term concert will take place this Sunday 28th March at The Lemon Tree

Doors 5.00pm, 6.00pm - 9.00pm

The Lemon Tree bar is available for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and you are still able to bring a picnic of nibbles as in previous years. Hope to see you there!

Running Order

Each group has a MAXIMUM of 5 MINUTES performance time unless otherwise stated. 
PLEASE try to stay within this limit, as the later groups will suffer if you run over.

6:00      Fiddle 3 (Laura Lockyer)

6:05      Mixed Instruments 3 (David Anderson)

6:10      Clarsach 0/1 (Anne Ward)

6:15      Fiddle 0 (Ali Leith)

6:20      Whistle 0 (Jimmy Mitchell)      

6:25      Fiddle 1 (Carley Williams)

6:30      Banjo/Mandolin (Kenn Clark) & Guitar 1 (Kevin Clark)

6:35      Whistle 1 (Helen Lynch)

6:40      Harmonica 0 (Dave Lorimer with Allen Welsh)

6:45      Bodhran (Allen Welsh)

6:50      Song 3 (Jayne Carmichael-Norrie)

6:55      Mixed Instruments (Frances Wilkins)

7:00      Whistle 3 (Kenny Hadden) accompanied by Guitar 0 (Peter Saunders)

7:05      Pipes (Clare Miller)

7:10      Whistle 2 (Eileen Bresnan)

7:15      Fiddle 2 (Sandy Tweddle)

7:20      Song 1 (Nicki Morris)

7:25      Clarsach 2/3 (Lu McClintock)

We are proud to present

7.30      Ceilidh Dancers (Lynn Saunders)
            Accompanied by Sandy Tweddle, Frances Wilkins, Allen Welsh
            and any others that care to.

7.40      Stramash
led by Frances and Sandy.


The end of term concert will take place on Sunday 28 March at The Lemon Tree. Doors 5:00pm. Start 6:00pm Attendees are welcome to bring a ‘picnic’. The Lemon Tree has a licensed bar and will provide plates and cutlery. PLEASE encourage your class to stay for the entire concert - it is only fair for the groups at the end to have the same enthusiastic audience as the first performances. There are TWO practice rooms. Please share nicely - all the classes will want a chance to at least warm up. PLEASE have your group ready, and waiting in ‘the wings’ 5 minutes before your performance time.