Classes Programme 2011-12 Launched

24 Jul 2011

You can now enrol online, here.

Hint:- It is a good idea to set up a Paypal account first as this makes the ordering process easier. We use Paypal (a large organisation) so that you do not have to entrust us (a small organisation) with your banking details.

Class Fees 2011 Autumn term - 10 weeks

£86.00 Full fee
£60.00 Pensioner/Full-time student
£43.00 Benefits/Unemployed

New - Friends of SC&T

Be a Friend
We have a subscription membership - Friends of SC&T. Membership is not necessary to enrol in the classes or join in the fun but, if you wish to show support and make things happen, please make a Friends donation while booking your class. Friends of SC&T receive newsletters with information and news of SC&T and other events.

Changes for 2011
We continue to offer subsidised fees, thanks to our funding partners. At £4.30 per hour, SC&T classes represent outstanding value for money. The level of funding SC&T receive is, however, less this year:
the proportion of the budget that must be raised though class fees has risen from a third to a half. It is for these reasons that we are changing the Friends benefits as we are no longer able to offer a Friends discount. We do recognise that Friends offers a way to support SC&T beyond class  membership and a way of keeping in touch with SC&T news and activities.
(If you already had a friends membership then we recognise that we have changed the terms of the agreement - removing discount entitlement. In this case we can offer a refund to those who would prefer not to donate the remainder. Please apply for a refund to

Please show your support by continuing to be a Friend of SC&T. Friends can contribute £10 or more via the web site either as part of a class booking or separately, at any time. If you would like to donate in a different way, please do get in touch.

While tutors and some administrative effort is paid, much of SC&T runs on voluntary effort. Activities are coordinated by a managing Board and range from events organising and web administration to photography. If you have skills that could help SC&T continue to thrive and you share our love for tradition and appreciation for cultural heritage, do get in touch.

You may enrol online for classes, here.