FESTiRIBE 2016 Trip Bookings Open

16 Nov 2015

ScottishDanishFollowing the great time we had visiting Ribe in 2013 and hosting the Danes in May 2012 and 2015, a rematch is planned in Ribe, Denmark around the 11th June 2016, when the Ribe Spillemandslaug participate in FESTiRIBE. This is very much a Music and Dance festival.

Preparations are in three parts. The first is to run an Instrumental Performance Group class. Here, Mary Rutherford leads a class that prepares and rehearses the performance and dance repertoire the group will take to Denmark. This takes place in Aberdeen and is organised by SC&T as classes are our core activity. With 10 weeks rehearsal, this is sounding great already! Note that you do not need to be in this class to travel but you will need to learn the performance and dance sets posted by Mary.
The second part is the team of Scottish Dancers, led by Lynn Saunders. Lynn is preparing a selection of dances to teach our Danish friends and her Ceilidh Dance 2/3 class will rehearse these in the weeks leading up to June.
The third part is the trip to Denmark itself. This is a separate, self financing, endeavour undertaken by the travelling members (as holiday planning is not really core SC&T activity) – Richard Elliott has offered to lead this part.  The current plan is to run this in a similar way to the Danish visit to Aberdeen, with Scottish visitors being accommodated by Danish hosts.
Group travel takes a bit of coordination and forward planning so those planning to travel with the group must complete a sign-up form and get this to Richard Elliott with a £60 deposit pp by 29th November (£45 pp without flights). Once we know how many want to go, KLM will reserve seats and provide us with estimated costs. Those making their own travel arrangements to Ribe should also complete a sign-up form, though this is not needed before the 29th November. Independent travellers will also need to make a contribution to group costs 40 days before departure. We plan to travel out on Thursday 9th June and return on Monday 13th June.

BOOK NOW. The sign-up form can be found, here. The outline plan is being prepared and quotes for a group booking with KLM will provide an outline cost (as a guide, the 2012 trip was £320 pp).
If demand is high, priority will be given to folk that hosted Danes back in May, members of the current Instrumental Performance Group class and Lynn’s Ceilidh Dancers.
Any questions can be emailed to office@scottishculture.org and Richard Elliott will answer (and share in an FAQ list if that is appropriate).

Further reading on Ribe at visitribe.dk where they have an online version of their 2015 guide.