new Tuesday night session

09 Mar 2010

SC&T are pleased to announce a new session opportunity for 2010!

From tonight there will be a new Tuesday night session for SC&T participants at the Glentanar Bar on Justice Mill Lane (on the corner with Holburn St), just a short walk from Harlaw Academy!

We hope it will work out well for both singers and instrumentalists, as well as being good for the bar. An impromptu session there last month that went down really well - the bar regulars thought it was great and wanted more, and the bar staff and management were very welcoming too!

After a few weeks, we hope the session will gain its own momentum. However, in the short term, your support would be appreciated in getting it up and running! Why not get together with others in your class for moral support and come along? It is not a closed session and people not directly involved with SC&T are most welcome. Hope to see you all there!

A great way to celebrate the onset of Spring!