Return from FestiRibe

12 Jun 2013
30 musicians and dancers from SC&T made the return visit to Ribe for a long weekend in early June. Along with Group photo in Ribethe RIBE DANSE- og SPILLEMANDSLAUG, they played outdoors in Ribe town centre and on the island of Rømø (and some on Føne) and at the Viking Centre. 

FestiRibe was on the Saturday with the morning's playing in the town centre, workshops with tunes and dance in the afternoon followed by dinner and a ceilidh with both Danish and Scottish musicians providing the music for the dancing.

First getting-to-know-you session on Thursday in RibeEveryone was looked after well by the Danish hosts and there was even time to visit the town (the oldest in Denmark) and the islands of the Wadden Sea close by.

A big thank you to all the hosts and to David (ex-SC&T now living in Denmark) who made the connections for us, to Sharon who led the music and Hector who made the arrangements. And thanks to everyone who participated.