Scots Wha Rock! at the Lemon Tree

04 Dec 2010

Scots Wha Rock!

A Scottish Rock Operetta

Saturday December 4th 1.00pm
At The Lemon Tree
A ‘Scaturday Live’ Event
Entrance Free!

The Story

Jimmy MacGuid comes to Aberdeen in the 1970’s to seek his fortune in the Oil Business. He meets a girl and falls in love but things don’t go to plan for Jimmy.

The Players

‘Scots Wha Rock’ is a very Scottish story told by SC&T tutors and students to an eclectic mix of rock songs and traditional instruments and tunes.
With an age range of thirteen to thirty plus (+++!) there’s something here for all ages.

The Music

Scottish Traditional Music and Song had a substantial influence in the roots of Rock n’Roll, especially in the Southern States of America (did you know the cross on the ’Stars and Bars’ is actually a St Andrews Cross?). Come and see a unique blend of history, culture and tradition!