Summer School in Barga in Tuscany

02 Mar 2010

Hamish Moore is delighted to announce an exciting new Summer School to be held in Barga, Tuscany where he spent 2008 as musician in residence.

Barga dates back a thousand years and is a walled hill town of astounding beauty. As well as being surrounded by natural, spectacular Mountain scenery, its architectural glory is a joy and its narrow streets and lanes make pedestrian transport the norm with the presence of cars somewhat of a rarity. This all adds to the incredible charm of the town.

Teaching will take place in an old Conservatorio, which is ideally suited to hosting classes.

As well as budget dormitory style accommodation in The Convent, Barga has many self-catering apartments, hotels and Guest Houses. There are a maximum of 20 places in dormitory accommodation.

Co-ordinator – Hamish Moore in conjunction with B.I.G.
Dates: 20th – 27th June 2010


Allan MacDonald
Fin Moore
Tiber Falzett
Alberto Massie

Sarah Hoy

Frank McConnell will be offering classes in some of Scotland's oldest and most exciting dance forms.
Scottish Step Dance
Cape Breton Square Dancing

Chris Norman.

Christine Hanson.

Tom Lawrie and Scott Gardener.

Tuition Fees:
E300 or £300 for all classes except song sharing which will be £100.

Please note that a minimum of 4 students are needed for each teacher. A sliding scale of fees will operate so that after the minimum number of students per teacher is achieved the fees will start going down as more students enrol.

Further Information and Booking:
Please see
or email Hamish Moore directly on