Summer Term Classes

16 Apr 2012

Classes for the 6 week Summer Term have been finalised and a flyer is available here. Note that song classes have changed form earlier versions of flyer: Natalie will take the Tuesday song class and there will be no song on class Wednesday.

This includes a mix of continuing classes plus some new offerings. Martin MacDonald will be offering a Ukulele class - testing the demand for this topical instrument. Frances has also has also re-presented the 'Scottish Musical Traditions' class to catch the eye of her audience.

The online shop is being prepared this week and classes will be available to book on-line from 1st April.  

Note that the level 0 classes (with the exception of Ukulele) have been running since the Autumn so complete beginners may wish to wait until our next level 0 start in Autumn 2012. A Harmonica 0 workshop is being run on 27th March to help bridge this gap and help some new participants into the Summer Term Harmonica Level 0 class.