The Pitscurry Pillaging

19 May 2012

Well, the Vikings certainly took Pitscurry by storm when they invaded en masse brandishing fiddles, whistles and accordions.  The event was blessed with the first dry, sunny day in a long time and a steady stream of nearly 500 people came to join in the day’s fun.

After playing in the quad for an hour Ribespill went for a musical tour of the extensive grounds singing and playing as they went, much to the amazement and delight of the onlookers.

Much thanks to the faithful SC&T members who gave of their time to continue the musical theme for a further three hours in the afternoon.  At one point we had three groups of musicians entertaining around the gardens.  The special prize for perseverance must go to SC&T member Ian Pyper who played for a solid five hours on the day - dedication above and beyond.  Thanks also to New Community Church (Inverurie) who supplied and looked after the PA system and brought much welcome hot tea and bannocks to the beleaguered musicians.

Anne Bissett, Day Services Manager for Pitscurry was delighted with the support from SC&T on a day which raised just over £2000 for a very worthwhile cause. Anne said “There have been lots of comments from many people who said how much they enjoyed the music as well as the singing and many are talking about next year”.

So who knows, SC&T members, this may well become yet another annual event to add to your musical calendar.

Gordon Skinner.