This Saturday at the Lemon Tree - see some of our next generation of talented trad musicians

13 Jan 2010

SC&T is delighted to announce the introduction of ‘Pathways to Performance’ slots during our Saturday lunchtime performances at the Lemon Tree.

‘Pathways to Performance’ will give young performers a short 15 minute slot during the main 1.00-2.00pm lunchtime performance. So far, Jimmy Mitchell has introduced two spots by fiddling youngsters (both taught by past or present SC&T tutors).

There are plans to include more slots in 2010, kicking off this Saturday 16th January, with a whole hour of talented young musicians! Cait (14) & Annie Lennox (12) have joined forces with another pair of musical siblings from Aberdeen, Iain (14) and Freya Hall (12), to perform Scots and Gaelic music and song on fiddle, cello and recorder, with piano and percussion too!

SC&T are committed to providing performance opportunities in 2010 for our next generation of talented trad musicians.

If you tutor young musicians or know of any young players/singers of trad or trad style music who would enjoy a Lemon Tree 'gig', please pass info about this opportunity on to them.

Performance: 1pm - 2pm, The Lemon Tree (see 'Events' calendar for more details of this and other upcoming Lemon Tree performances)