Carrion Craw

By Tom Clelland 2011

I merched on this road my faithers hae trod
As fermers and shepherds and a.
I came to this place and I prayed to my God
Tae bring me back hame frae Harlaw.

And you wi the pack of the Lord of the Isles
Like wolves, that would worry and claw.
Ye swarmed frae the north tae raid and tae spyle
Til you met the brave men at Harlaw.

Six hundred of mine and a thousand of thine
Lie deid on the fields this daw
And should we be asked the way by some quine
Say “Follow the carrion craw”.

When Mar raised the guard and the battle drew near,
I faithfully heeded the ca.
I shairpened my axe and fangled a spear
And I carried them here tae Harlaw.

They’ll sing of Sir James who chairged ye the first
Like a bell-weather breakin the snaw.
May the bastert that killed him forever be cursed
Tae wander the muirs on Harlaw.

And didnae we fecht sae bauldly and fine?
And didnae we fecht sae braw?
We focht tae oor last and oor bodies entwined
And oor blood’s drained away on Harlaw.

Remind me tae a my faimily and freends.
Think on me when summer winds blaw.
Remember the airmy that kept Aiberdeen
And the brave men who stood at Harlaw.