Words – Eric White 2011. Tune - The Iron Horse Charles Balfour circa 1848

Come Hielan Man Come Lowland Man Come orra man come braw man
And I’ll tell you fit happened at the battle o Harlaw man.
Nae doot ye’ve heard the version o the ballad singers aa man.
But I wis there that morning and I’ll tell ye fit I saw man,

I kent McDonald lost his rag, and he wis sair disjasket.
Fan Stewart claimed the lands o Ross, McDonald blew a gasket.
He swore that he wid cross the Spey and bring a delegation.
But fifty thoosand hielandmen wis an over estimation.

I wisna near tae Dunnideer nor roon by Netherha man.
Nor aa the wye tae the Isle o Skye, it’s ower far awa man.
I saw a puckle hielandmen come stridin thro the heather
But I wat it never crossed my mind tae stop and hae a blether.

The hielandmen cam birslin ower and swarmin roon like bummlers.
I didna wint tae hing aboot and bide tae coont their numbers.
I never met wi Jock the Graham as I gaed by Balquhain man.
So I canna say for certain that he didna bide at hame man.

I mind on Jeannie Robertson. She wis a bonnie singer.
But fit she kent aboot Harlaw could be counted on one finger.
She never mentioned Davidson the Provost o the City.
He led the charge at Harlaw and they brocht him hame in bities.

And I near forgot the Earl o Mar that wisna my intention.
He wis in command at Harlaw but he disna get a mention.
Forbes didna kill McDonald that story wisna true man.
I saw McDonald later and he looked as good as new man.

We dinna ken wha wrote the song or wha tae pit the blame on.
He kent he got the story wrang so he didna pit his name on.
But we ken he wisna at Harlaw tae witness aa the capers.
Maybe he wis a reporter writin for the local papers.