SC&T Classes Spring 2021

Exciting News -  SC&T online term starts 1st March 2021 

We're really excited to let you know SC&T are running a 12 week online term starting the week beginning 1st March! 

What's happening?

Classes will run for 12 weeks on either a Monday or Tuesday evening starting at 7pm on Zoom. We will also be using the fantastic Thinkific platform where you can access all the lesson material (music/ recordings/ videos etc.) as well as the recorded Zoom lesson.

Having trouble with Thinkfic? Check out our Thinkific FAQ's or our 2 Minute Thinkific Tutorial  

Class times?

Some classes will run from 7pm - 8:15pm, others will run from 7pm - 9pm. Check out the class timetable below to find out how long your class will be.   

How will it work?

Everyone will join the same Zoom call at 7pm. (You can find the Zoom link once you sign up and start your Thinkific course) You will then be sent into your instrument breakout room for one hour. We will then come back into the main Zoom session for 15mins of social time/ tea break! If your class is only 1hr, then you will leave the session after the tea break ends at 8:15pm. If your class runs on till 9pm, we will send you back into your breakout room for the last 45mins. 

How much will it cost?

1hr 15min class is £7 per class. This can be paid in one lump sum of £84 for the term or 3x monthly payments of £28. 

2hr class is £10 per class. This can be paid in one lump sum of £120 for the term or 3 x monthly payments of £40. 

You can choose what payment option you prefer when you sign up on Thinkific. 

Over the last few years, SC&T has actively taken steps to ensure that classes are accessible to as many people as possible.  In the past we have offered concessions to specific groups such as those in receipt of a pension or other benefits, as well as sourcing funding for a limited number of free places.  In light of the impact of Covid over the last year we decided to review our approach to ensure that our support is more targeted to include individuals who would be unable to access classes at the full fee.  As a result, we have decided to move away from a standard concession rate for specific groups and instead, try to provide support to those who need this most and who would otherwise be unable to join our classes.

If you feel that your financial circumstances make it difficult for to pay the full fee we would encourage you to contact the and we will consider a reduction. We will not require detailed financial information. We also have a limited number of free places which you may be considered for.

On the other hand, if you would like to give a little bit more, you can also Donate to SC&T.

What if I can't manage all 12 weeks?

Don't worry!! Tutors will record their Zoom lessons and upload to thinkific where you'll be able to watch in your own time! Tutors will also be uploading sheet music and recordings to make catching up even easier! 

How do I sign up?

Sign up through our two thinkific sites - we have one for Monday and one for Tuesday.

You can find out more about each class by clicking on the links below: 

Thinkific Accounts

The Sign Up links below will require you to a create NEW THINKIFIC ACCOUNT for each day you want to attend. This is different from any existing SC&T Account you may already have. If you want to do a class on Monday and another on Tuesday this will require TWO separate signups since the Monday Thinkific site is separate and does not link to the Tuesday site. You can use the same email address for each account if you wish. Please don't use the "I already have an account" link.

Having trouble with Thinkfic? Check out our Thinkific FAQ's or our 2 Minute Thinkific Tutorial  

Monday Night Classes: Sign up Here

Tutor Class Duration
Laura Harrington Session tunes/Grade 3 7-9
Helen Lynch Whistle 1/2 7-8:15
Pete Sunders Flute 7-9
Kaitlin Ross Guitar (All abilities welcome) 7-9

Tuesday Night Classes: Sign Up Here

Tutor Class Duration
Rachel Colbeck Beginner Fiddle 7-8:15
Craig Dyke Mandolin & Tenor Banjo 7-9
David Wilson Pipes 7-8:15
John Kearns Ukulele Tricky Tuesday 6-6:30
Dave Lorimer Harmonica for All 7-8:15
Pete Saunders Whistle 0/1 7-9
Janice Reavell Choir 7-9


Our thanks go to Lynne Gowans (now on the board), Claire Hawes, Laura Harrington, Kirsty Campbell and our tutors for making this happen.  Please give us your feedback later and we look forward to seeing you all in person as soon as circumstances allow.  Meantime, keep safe and happy music-making!

Richard Ward