SC&T Online Youth Camp 2021

12 Jul


Monday 12th July - Friday 16th July 2021

Open to anyone aged 6-26! Suitable for ALL abilities - complete Beginners & Advanced players welcome! 


Sign Up Here

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How Do I Sign Up? 


1. Sign up for your 1st choice Instrument (there are 11 to choose from!). If you've not used Thinkific before, you'll be asked to create a new account - keep those login details somewhere safe.

2. Start your 1st choice course to complete Registration & Download the Information Document containing the Timetable and Zoom details.

3. Sign up to your 2nd Choice Instrument (there are 11 to choose from!) 

4. Get EXCITED for the 12th July 2021!

What Instruments can I choose from? 

You will choose a 1st Choice Instrument and a 2nd choice instrument. 

1st choice - your main instrument that you have experience of playing already. (Experience not necessary if it is a beginner class!*)

2nd choice - your 'Try Something New' instrument - all 2nd choice classes will be at a beginner level so choose something you've always wanted to learn!  If you don't have any other instruments hiding in a cupboard or under the bed, voice or percussion is a great option for 2nd choice!

* Gaelic Song 1st choice will be taught primarily in Gaelic so requires you to be able to understand the Gaelic language.


1st Choice Instruments: 

1st Choice Instruments Tutor
Advanced Fiddle Jenna Reid
Beginner/ Intermediate Fiddle Innes Watson
Beginner Penny Whistle Gillian Chalmers
Pipes/Chanter Ewen Henderson
Clarsach Romy Wymer
Gaelic Song Norrie MacIver
Scots Song Hannah Rarity
Guitar Ron Jappy
Advanced Percussion Signy Jakobsdottir
Junior Beginner Percussion (age 6-10)  Steve Fivey
Flute Tom Oakes


2nd Choice Instruments:

2nd Choice Instruments Tutor
Beginner Percussion  Signy Jakobsdottir
Beginner Clarsach Romy Wymer
Piano Jenna Reid
Beginner Gaelic Song Norrie MacIver
Beginner Scots Song Hannah Rarity
Beginner Guitar Ron Jappy
Beginner/Int Flute Tom Oakes
Beginner Chanter Ewen Henderson
Beginner Fiddle Innes Watson
Beginner Penny Whistle Gillian Chalmers


Daily Schedule:

10am - 11am - 1st Choice - Main instrument - intermediate / advanced level/ Experience not necessary if it is a beginner class!

11am - 11:45am - FUN TIME! - Take part in the daily challenges to win points for your team!

11:45am - 12:30pm - 2nd Choice/ TSN - Try Something New

12:30pm - 1:30pm - Lunch - Head away to have a bite to eat! You're welcome to stay signed into Zoom.

1:30pm - 2:45pm - Groupwork - First choice instrument choice again to work on collaboration set

3pm - 4pm - Live Time on Facebook and Youtube - Tutor and participant spotlights with fun from Laura and Kirsty on Facebook Live!