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SC&T Choir, Scottish Song Class - Janice Clark - Tuesday, 7pm-9pm

The Corona Virus outbreak has presented us with some challenges and opportunities for the next SC&T term as we’re not going to be able to meet face to face at the University as normal.

Members of the Choir have been meeting online on Zoom during the lockdown and SC&T has agreed that this format will be used for tutors who wish to teach online during the Spring/Summer session 2021.

Because we can’t sing in unison in real time on line, due to the time lag over the internet and we can’t hear each other singing in harmony, Janice Clark is proposing to teach a Scottish song class with melody only, during the autumn term. The songs will be chosen so that they could be used for harmony singing when we get back together as a choir class, hopefully in 2021.

The SC&T Choir is usually set at level 3 due to the need to be able to learn and hold a part while others are singing harmony or counter-melody. This won’t apply to the online class, as students will be singing along to the tutor in the privacy of their own living rooms. This will be a great opportunity for anyone who wants to practice developing their singing in private or just to learn some new songs. We could also accommodate younger singers who want to try learning some Scottish songs.

The Choir has been singing together for three years now so there is a friendly and fun vibe to the class. We’ll still have an online tea-break half way through the session so that students can chat and get to know each other although you’ll have to bring your own cuppa and biscuits.

SC&T are using Zoom and an online platform called Thinkific to host the online classes this term. Thinkific is an online platform where participants can find all supporting lesson material, lesson recordings and music in one place and sign up for the weekly classes. You will find the Zoom link in the course material for your class. 

Price for the term is: £120 - this can be paid in one lump sum when you sign up, or in 3 monthly instalments of £40 - you can choose your preference when you sign up. 

Sign up HERE 

NOTE: This Sign Up link will require you to a create NEW THINKIFIC ACCOUNT for each day you want to attend. This is different from any existing SC&T Account you may already have. If you want to do a class on Monday and another on Tuesday this will require TWO separate signups since the Monday Thinkific site is separate and does not link to the Tuesday site. You can use the same email address for each account if you wish. Please don't use the "I already have an account" link.

I look forward to seeing you soon! 

Any questions or queries, please contact me at